Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weddings should be easier than this...right?

Sorry for the lack of updates.
This wedding coming up in just over two months is apparently more work than I originally intended.  Invitations, officiants, food, decorations, guests, rings, lodging, juggling the family against our own desires.  And we still don't even have rings yet!

Graphene Girl and I really wanted our wedding to be small and low key (I was reminded by GG on review that she has been suggesting we elope), yet every time I talk to one of my parents, they keep trying to get me to invite more people.  It's not like my family isn't already huge to begin with, then they want family-friends, second-cousins, and every other distant relation who I may have had contact with in the past 30 years!

We just got our invitations and our priest in order, but we have now lost touch with our caterer.  I'm not sure what the moms may have in mind, but I'm not sure what we are going to do to make camp look less like camp.  We also have to worry about chairs, which I'm not sure where they will be coming from.  We may be able to borrow some from my grandparents, but I'm not sure how many nor how we will get them to camp.

GG has idea's for wine, but my beer selection has been partially ruined by the brewery being unable to make enough of one of their more popular beers.  Guess it's my own fault for going with a micro-brewery, but I wanted quality beers.  NO PILSNERS!  At least I get my favorite IPA, but I need a more laid back option for those who arn't accustomed to real beers.

At least I have some ideas for wedding music, particularly for the procession.  The credit music from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.  How much of a nerd does that make me?

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